The role and difference of anti-fouling agent, anti-staining agent, soaping agent and anti-staining agent

Antifouling agent: generally refers to the auxiliary agent to prevent the fabric from staining. Waterproof, oilproof and antifouling are often required at the same time, also known as the three-proof finishing agent.
Anti-dyeing agent: an auxiliary agent that prevents certain dyes from dyeing certain fibers during dyeing or printing, such as an auxiliary agent that prevents reactive dyes from dyeing nylon fibers.
Soaping agent: It mainly refers to the soaping auxiliary agent that removes the floating color of undyed reactive dyes after dyeing or printing.
Anti-staining agent: in the process of soaping or washing after dyeing or printing, an auxiliary agent that prevents the reactive dyes in the working fluid from returning to the fabric from back to the fabric, especially the white anti-staining of the printed fabric.

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